Dancing to the sound... of the powers that be

Yesterday while on the street
I watched a display of inhumanity
A murder happening in broad daylight
the killer had vacant eyes,

Did not remember what passed
Like a trance... he did not know
unaware of his murderous acts

incarcerated no one believes him
they saw what was to be saw:
he killed a controversial scientist
So much hate, "he is beyond recgnition"
and now lying about brainwashing?

Tears...gone unheard

He was just yet another, average killing machine
waiting for the orders
to kill, and forget
just yet another grenbaum

Pawn of the unseen rullers
disposable at their will
a killer untraceable
no choice for him but...

Dancing to the sound... of the powers that be
In dispair he thinks "im insane"

Dancing to the sound...

One phonecall... is all he needs
In the jail they concede
one call, to an attorney
when he dials a surprise
the number they given only makes a strange
noise... that says...