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  1. Mondo Psycho


Walking among the dead
Their numbers rising
I stand alone
Trapped in a jungle of concrete
Inside a jungle of concrete

Hypnotized sheep, lifeless
Drifting through life, mindless
Dreaming they are eagles
When they are only cattle

Control systems say: "Kill, kill, kill!"
Control systems say: "Kill your mind!"

Insane minds posing as normal
Deranged stars paving the way
The blind leading the blind
To the gaping mouth of doom

The atlantean repeat
Hubris, our defeat
Never ending desire
Of mass kill

Civilization, not built to last, dehumanization at last

Mondo psycho
Borderline insanity

Mondo psycho
Ruled by psychopaths

Mondo psycho

Waking up to face reality
Alongside a few humans still sane
In the minefield of lies and deception