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Gutted Souls


This is the tale
Of a Necropedophile
Borderline insane, highly functional

In the deep web, he lurks
Protected in encryption
In torture his pleasure, connection to all


With Entropic anxiety
He awaits
But not for you

It's your children that he wants
With the lust of a thousand priests
Member of an exclusive club
Of powerful pedophiles

They won't be denied

Locked in
A number on the screen
Now, he is on the move

An instrument of death
Moved by elusive release
Never enough
There is always one more
The Necropedophile!

Agent of entropy
Sleeping consciousness
The guts of the innocent
Killing with remorse
The Necropedophile!

One, two, three, thirteen. Twenty, one hundred no use, the void evolves

The next will satisfy my hunger, the slaughter will end I'll find my bride

I'll find the one, I need to find, something is growing inside, something wants to...

Come through.

Impotency, slipping more towards the hands of entropy

Devolving into an intraspecific predator
the gates of the void are open
The ancient that is not came through him
The Necropedophile!

Mortal, unfit, spoiled terrain
Monad turned to dust
A hollow shell
The Necropedophile!
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The Illusion of Freedom

Gutted Souls

"In the lands of Brazil, the greater part of Metal bands have a more extreme insight. Yes, this is one tradition of our scene, and this is the reason that we have excellent bands in extreme genres of Metal (but we have excellent melodic bands as well). Then, carrying this legacy and honoring Brazilian Death Metal School from Rio de Janeiro comes the quartet GUTTED SOULS, that after a long trial due to changes in the lineup and other problems, comes with its first album, called “The Illusion of Freedom”.

Their musical work is built upon a fusion of a classical Death Metal in a format that reminds the style practiced by North American bands as DEICIDE, SUFFOCATION and OBITUARY, with technical approach and brutality from Brutal Death Metal. Of course that their musical work is not as trivial, because they are playing some complex musical structures and even the use of fine melodic lines to bind together all the range of the band’s influences is allowed here. But it’s catchy as well, easy to understand and assimilated by the fans. Pay attention and be reeled in by their musical work. Rodrigo Oliveira made the sound production of the “The Illusion of Freedom” (and previously worked with KORZUS and ARMORED DAWN). The recording sessions, mixing and mastering were done at Dharma Studios, on São Paulo. The final result is really very good, with very good instrumental tunes, everything sounding clear and brutal, and keeping the essential rawness dose that a Death Metal album must bear. Yes, it sounds great to our ears!

Excellent vocals (with an ample range from guttural tunes and high pitched screams), a solid work from guitars (technical riffs and very good solos, from where flows the brutal harmonies used by the band), and a technical and brutal work from bass guitar and drums (that creates a solid rhythmic basis) are the elements of their work, so be prepared for musical violence with very good taste.

All the nine songs from “The Illusion of Freedom” are excellent, but we can say that the rhythmic diversity of “Being Human” (where the work from bass guitar and drums is excellent), the catchy brutality that is created by the tempos and guitars on “The Authoritarian Follower”, the bitter slow parts of “Mondo Psycho” (a great moment from vocals, for they fit on the changes of rhythm), the strong and massive wall of riffs shown on “Psychopathic Ruler”, the excellent rhythmic works of “Addicted to Power”, and the aggressive massive killing done by the band on “Dancing to the Sound… Of the Powers that Be” (that shows another great moment from the vocals). As you can see by the songs’ names, the band prefers to use an intelligent approach on real themes.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 18 August 2017, 9:36 AM
On Metal Temple"

"The Illusion of Freedom is the long-awaited debut album from the Brazilian death metal band Gutted Souls. Although the band has been together for a better part of 20 years, they were unable to release a full length because of many obstacles, including multiple line up changes. Finally, the band is delivering their powerful message behind a wall of sheer brutality. With a sound that harkens back to the golden age of Suffocation and other brutal death metal bands of the sort."

Pen Paper and Breakdowns reviews

"O Death Metal de nossas terras brasileiras, perdoem o “pleonasmo” mas, é extremamente extremo, e disso já sabemos. Trago-vos assim o mais novo play do Gutted Souls, banda carioca de Brutal/Technical Death Metal executado com muita perfeição na veia de bandas como Suffocation, Brutality, entre outras que oscilam perfeitamente peso e técnica...."

"...Basicamente, uma dissecação da mente humana, numa concepção mais crua. Gutted Souls já é um marco do Metal extremo carioca, e esse disco chegou para marcar mais uma vez sua posição e mostrar que nosso som brutal continua sendo um soco na orelha."

Por: João Carlos Gomes"

Vocais que usam timbres variados entre o gutural extremo e o rasgado, guitarras formando uma muralha de riffs bem feitos (e solos com boa técnica, fugindo do padrão), baixo e bateria formando uma base rítmica sólida e coesa, tudo que a banda oferece musicalmente é bem feito, com ótima técnica, mas brutal como o inferno.

O disco é todo excelente de ponta a ponta, mas destacam-se a diversidade de ritmos contida em “Being Human” (e por consequência, o trabalho de baixo e bateria se mostram ótimos, com boas mudanças de tempos), a opressão ganchuda e ríspida das guitarras em “The Authoritarian Follower”, os tempos mais lentos e brutos de “Mondo Psycho” (reparem bem como os vocais evoluem bem e assentam com boa dicção sobre a base instrumental do grupo), o ótimo trabalho da sessão rítmica ouvido em “Psychopathic Ruler”, o ataque insano de riffs bem trabalhados em “Addicted to Power” (onde o “approach” técnico do grupo é de primeira), e a destruição musical imposta por eles em “Dancing to the Sound... Of the Powers that Be”. Algumas das músicas já possuíam versões mais cruas no EP “Unconscious Automaton”, como “The Undying Stars “, “Psychopathic Ruler” e “Dancing to the Sound... of the Powers That Be”, e “Mondo Psycho” vem do Demo CD de 2011. A diferença está na roupagem mais bem cuidada e na sonoridade mais justa.

Ou seja: o GUTTED SOULS veio para somar, logo, aproveitem bastante de “The Illusion of Freedom”, pois feito com muito sangue, suor e lágrimas. E merece aplausos."

"A brutal, heavy as hell and severely technical release from Brazil comes to us from the band Gutted Souls and their debut full length, "The Illusion of Freedom". The album dropped independently in August and is a great example of technicality and brutality styles melding perfectly into a one cohesive category EF-5 tornado. I really -REALLY dig this album and guys, excellent fucking job on it!! Thank you for putting metal out like this -the underground needs it and appreciates it!! -Joe \m/

Keep the Metal Flowing Facebook Page"
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Unconscious Automaton

Gutted Souls

"Their sound reminds me of what you might get if you compacted Jungle Rot, Death, Dying Fetus, and a smidge of Lamb Of God into one giant death metal sandwich. You’ve got the old school death metal sound with the more brutal death metal aspects of Dying Fetus mixed with guitar tones that feel similar to some of Lamb Of God’s songs (The demo track ‘Mondo Psycho’ always makes me think their song ‘Redneck’ is about to play)." Blastbeats and Silver Screens

"...Their ferocious brand of no holds barred death metal crushes souls and is not afraid to get heavier than anything you've heard in years. I personally love the crushing riffs on songs like Mondo Psycho which showcase how brutal this band is willing to get. A big part of the this bands sheer brutality is the oh so destructive growls that add a certain ear exploding power to the mix. The riffs are hectic too, they make the songs blast along at an incredible pace and true metallers will bend the knee at Gutted Hate's raw metal mastery." Two Guys Metal Reviews

"...GUTTED SOULS and their 2012 EP (Unconscious Automaton) displays some of the most brutal, and original deathmetal in quite some time! Dancing to the Sound of the Powers that be, starts this carve and hack routine with killer riffing, fast time changes, and brutal vocals, very death yet controlled style of this type..killer track! Psychopathic ruler violently stabs through once again displaying some hellish riffing, killer single foot smashing, and brutal breakdowns and well thought out formulas... The Undying Stars (my favorite track) is pure fucking deathmetal... this far into their world they have your soul, those riffing, that fast fucking grind and killer vocals rip through and kills any one in it's way. Ending this brutal murder, Words of Hate is classic death. There is alot of talent in this band, and there is no doubt in my mind, that they are on there way to bigger things to come, this EP fucking kills." Dana, Holy Hell Webzine

"Não fosse pelo vocal à lá Matti Way (ex-Disgorge americano), a pergunta seria: trata-se um novo trabalho da Angel Corpse? Por aí, dá-se o atestado do nível dessa banda carioca, que “apenas” massacra com seu poderoso Death Metal. Se alguém não acredita, é só conferir. Em todas as seis faixas, a sensação é a mesma: trata-se de um grupo seguro de si, cheio de técnica, criatividade e experiência – quase dez anos de estrada. É balada atrás de balada (no sentido de bala de revólver, ok?), com uma bateria bem tocada, juntamente com os outros instrumentos. Aliás, as estruturas das composições são um show!..." Som Extremo Blog

"The Undying Stars" abre o EP com a bateria dando a sensação que caímos em meio a um fogo cruzado pois é metranca na orelha. A banda faz algumas alternâncias no ritmo em alguns trechos mas o que prevalece é a velocidade e riffs marcantes, sem falar nos guturais bem executados por Iron. "Psychopathic Ruler" começa sem misericórdia, pois o arsenal não acaba e mais metranca, só que nessa faixa há um solo onde a velocidade é deixada de lado, mas na boa é apenas pra recarregar e logo em seguida vem mais chumbo grosso até o fim. "Dancing to the Sound...of the Powers that Be" é marcante pelos seus riffs grudentos e bateria intensamente veloz, cadência e técnica, tudo bem encaixado e vocal absurdamente gutural mas entendível, brutalidade, velocidade e técnica, para mim a melhor faixa do EP. "Words of Hate" destaca a técnica, inteligência e brutalidade sonora da banda, riffs violentos, solos bem encaixados, vocal ignorantemente insano como em todas as faixas..." Filipe Lima, Over Metal Zine

"Não tem como negar a qualidade do underground nacional nos dias de hoje. Nem o mais chato e exigente dos bangers pode negar o fato de que muitas de nossas bandas estão no mesmo nível, ou são até superiores que muitas do cenário internacional. E isso também se aplica aos cariocas do Gutted Souls e seu Brutal Death Metal. O material que apresentam, além de ser um massacre para ouvidos mais sensíveis, tem alta qualidade!..." Leandro Vianna, A Música Continua a Mesma - Blog

"O disco trás seis faixas, sendo duas da demo de 2011, e três inéditas. O EP apresenta os jargões do gênero, bateria rápida com muitos blast beats, riffs igualmente rápidos e cadenciados, ditando o andamento das composições. Sonoramente incontestável, faixas bem trabalhadas, e brutais." Artur Azeredo, Heavy Metal All Night
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